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                Safety Tips for Motorcycles

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Among all motor vehicles, motorcycles are the most vulnerable on the

road in and around BIRMINGHAM . Because motorcycles do not have seat belts,

you can be thrown off your seat in a crash, which can result in serious injury or

even death. Imagine your chance for survival if a truck strikes you, or if you strike

it. Hitting a truck is like hitting a steel wall. However, your chance for survival will

be increased if you wear a helmet and follow the safety tips below when riding

your motorcycle in Birmingham and uk.

Never stay out in a truck's blind spot. Trucks have large blind spots on both

sides, the front and behind the truck. Truck drivers in Birmingham and around the

uk cannot see you when you ride in these blind spots, which allows for a greater

chance of a crash. The front blind spot is particularly dangerous if you need to

stop quickly. Because of their lightweight and braking system, motorcycles can

stop much faster than trucks. A truck may not be able to stop as quickly as you

do, so you need to take special precautions to avoid crashes before they



Make sure to always wear a helmet. Beware of helmets that do not meet

Department of Transportation (DOT) standards. Check for the DOT label inside

your helmet there are plenty of motorbike shops in and around Birmingham

where you can 1 of them. Helmets are the most important piece of equipment


you can wear when riding your motorcycle. A helmet could be your only source

of protection in a serious crash.



Motorcycles are the smallest vehicles on the road. Unfortunately they provide

virtually no protection in a crash. Other drivers may not see you on your

motorcycle, so you must be aware of everything on the road. Be extra cautious,

paying attention to the signals and brake lights of other vehicles, especially

trucks. However, you still need to be prepared in the event their signals or lights

don't work. Ride with caution and drive defensively. Even though your motorcycle

may be small, you must adhere to the laws of the road. Never ride in between

lanes in traffic or share a lane with another vehicle. Don't instigate aggressive

driving with other motorists; you will only increase your chance of a crash.



Conduct a safety inspection of your motorcycle before each ride, and wear

protective clothing including gloves, boots and a jacket. Proper maintenance and

protective clothing will help reduce your chance of an crash or the severity of

injury if you are involved in a crash, especially with a large truck or bus.



Of all vehicles, motorcycles accelerate the fastest, while trucks and buses are t

he slowest. Please watch your speed around trucks, especially in bad weather or

at night. Colliding with the back of a truck will end your riding days.