Driving lessons Northfield Birmingham lessons just £21 hour

Driving lessons                            

Cockpit check

Safety check

Control and instruments

Moving away and stopping

Safe positioning

Mirrors-vision and use

Signals/turning left/right/emerging

Anticipation and planning

Use of speed

meeting traffic

Roundabouts/mini roundabouts

Pedestrian crossings

Dual carriageways

Turning the vehicle around

Reversing left


Emergency stop


Weather conditions

Environmental issues                                                      

first eyesight, 

You must be able to read a vehicle number plate, in good daylight, from 20

metres new style number plate or 20.5 metres old style number plate,

First lesson (novice),                                                        

Check All doors are closed properly & check the Parking brake is on,           

Adjust the Seat so its comfortable and you can depress left pedal (clutch),   

Steering wheel firmly locked and in position,

Head restraint adjusted it properly -it will reduce the risk neck and spine

of injuries (whiplash) 

Mirrors should be correctly adjusted to the best view to minimize blind


Seat belt is fastened and adjusted correctly,                          

remember its always MSM(Mirrors-Signal-Manoeuvre)

Observations knowing what is happing around you if you know what's around at

all times you will be safer, 

Pedals, Accelerator and brake and clutch (ABC) co-ordination very important to

move off smoothly giving maxim control,                               

Starting the engine, is gear lever in neutral turn key clockwise as soon as the

engine starts let the key go, Clutch down into 1st slow bring up the clutch till you

find the bite this where the engine is try to move the car forward but the parking

brake is stopping moving warning do not get too much bite the might still move

or the engine might stall ? setting the gas nice lively hum, this takes practice but

be patient do rush it take practice,                 

Letting parking brake off slightly lift up and press but in keep it in till the parking

brake is right down at the same time keep both feet still